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Difference between sai ni and sai shite

The difference between sai ni(〜際に) and sai shite(〜際して) in Japanese grammar is confusing. One reason is because the two appears like it can be used interchangeably but in fact they are not.

Sai ni(〜際に)

Sai ni(〜際に can be used interchangeably with no toki ni (〜ときに). Which ...

Using Agile Principles to Deliver more Value

I have been absent from this blog for a few months now. One reason is because I moved to a new company. I learned a lot abot agile principles during my hiatus. Further reading brought me to the road of Lean Startup movement. One thing I noticed so far is ...

How Fast is a Bullet Train?

Japan's bullet trains usually runs at a maximum of 320 km/h. But how fast is 320 km/h really? A view from google map might help your imagination.

On our way back from Kyoto, we decided to check our location while onboard a speeding Bullet Train. To our ...

Ongoing National Traffic Safety Campaign

Zenkoku koutsu anzen undou jishichuu. I can read it now? Im surprised. Ive been staring at this since many years ago!

My friend said this actually means "Ongoing national traffic safety campaign".


Clearing a Form with AngularJs

The current stable version of AngularJs(1.0.6 at the time of this writing) doesn’t support this feature yet, but starting from 1.1.x this will be available.

I decided to explore this new feature in this post because I find it useful in an application I ...

Easily open your file in VIM in Mac

This is a simple way to open your current file in VIM.

Do the following inside VIM

:! open %

If my file is an html file, Boom! It opens my html file in the browser.

Remove a Global Package in NodeJs NPM

I wanted to remove compound which I installed using

sudo npm install compound -g

  ~  compound --version


  ~  npm -g ls | grep compound

├─┬ compound@1.1.3

because I wanted to replace it with a live build from github. But even if I do:

  ~  npm uninstall compound

npm WARN ...

Enrile's Counter-argument

There is a recent word war in Philippine Senate a few days ago.

If you bothered to watch that video, you will notice that Enrile’s first response to Cayetano’s issue of fund misuse is by talking about his late father’s 37 million debt.

Is that counter-argument answering ...

Quickway to Merge 2 Maps in NodeJs

This is not only useful for server-side javascript (NodeJs), but the client-side usually have all the powerful Javascript libraries such as Underscore.js that they don’t really need this script anymore.

I thought about this while processing a form posted to my NodeJs controller.

This is my form.

<form ...

Using layouts in EJS using express-ejs-layouts

I like using EJS than Jade when writing NodeJs apps. But one feature of Jade which I really like is the layout.

For example, in Jade having the layout.jade

!!! 5




            link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style.css')


        block content

And a view index.jade

extends ...