Bouncing a Ball with HTML 5, a Primer for a Slingshot game

Im still reading the book The Essential Guide to HTML5. Now It is teaching how to bounce a ball. Unfortunately, I did not like its solution of a bouncing ball, so I looked around for a better solution, I saw in the sample code of the book Introducing HTML5 about a better implementation, so I incorporated it with my sample code. I want to build on this example so that I can somehow simulate a slingshot like what the Angry Bird game does.

First, is the formula for bouncing a ball

//if the x coordinate is greater than the boundary, reverse the direction
if (x + dx > (WIDTH-dia) || (x + dx < 0))
	dx = -dx;
//if the y coordinate is greater than the boundary, reverse the direction
if (y + dy > (HEIGHT-dia) || (y + dy < 0))
	dy = -dy;	
//if the y had gone past it usage, stop using it
if(y>(HEIGHT-dia)) {
	dy = 0;
else {
	//this simulates the bouncing, decrease the bounce each time until it goes to none
	dy += 3;
	//use the new differential
	y += dy;
//use the new differential
x += dx;

What you saw in the code above, is the most important part for simulating a bouncing ball, there are actually plenty of examples in the web using to bounce a ball using html5, but this is the only one I saw so far that has decreasing height of bounce.

Next we need the standard drawing stuff such as drawing a circle, and clearing after a specific interval

var clearCircle = function(){
	ctx.clearRect(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT);
var drawCircle = function(){
    ctx.arc(x, y,dia/2,0,Math.PI*2, false);
var drawEngine= function(){
_timer = window.setInterval(drawEngine, 10);

After this, our bouncing ball is complete.

The resulting path is like the one below

View the live demo here

Though English is my country's official language it is not my native tongue. If you find anything wrong with my phrases, or any incorrect information, write it out loud in the comments section. The world will be a bit better that way.
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