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Find in Folder in VIM with NERDTree and Ack

One of the most useful VIM plugins for me is the NERDTree. This is one reason why I cannot migrate to emacs even though I really love their ensime plugin. That usefulness is further augmented by integrating Ack to it. It allows me to find any line containing a given text pattern in all files inside the focused folder in NERDTree. Combine this with Command-T and MRU (Im considering CtrlP as replacement soon), then I can have a very useful and powerful text editor under my belt.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to do this.

You will need two prerequisites. Ack and Ack.vim

$ brew install ack

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone

(Yes I am using pathogen.vim)

Now that you have ack and ack.vim installed, go ahead and install nerdtree-ack

$ mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle/NERD_tree-ack/plugin
$ cd ~/.vim/bundle/NERD_tree-ack/plugin
$ curl -so NERD_tree-ack.vim\?src_id\=17196

It should work now. Open NerdTree, focus a folder then press "ms" without the quote.

The screenshot is maybe from a Mac but I have been using it from Linux Mint with no problem, you just need to install ack differently.

$ sudo apt-get install ack-grep